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Three Simple Options

Face to Face Training

We can deliver a training course for groups of up to 20 people at a time. We can come to your site or office, or we can arrange a training facility.  We have trained people in all parts of NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD and WA.  This option particularly works well for large groups.

Online facilitated training

Our trainers will guide you step by step through the course via Zoom video conferencing, assisting you with the concepts and explaining the content in greater detail as well as answering your questions.  This option works well where workers do not have access to their own computer and want to meet together in a training room to complete the course together - typically with the course material projected onto a screen in that room.

Online self paced training

For those who prefer, we offer a self paced online version of the course (still facilitated, but you can work at your own pace). This is a very comprehensive course and includes theory lessons, video tutorials and multiple assessment tasks. This option is great for those who are able to log onto a computer as you can complete it from anywhere. Course times are also more flexible and can be arranged fairly easily to suit you.

Experienced Trainers

Access to two Certified Professional Engineers with over 60 combined years of concrete construction expertise, delivering B80 training for over 10 years to over 3,000 people

Simple and intuitive

All our courses are designed to be simple to use, intuitive to step through the lesson content, structured and logical

Book a course

We typically run the online courses once every few weeks, typically on a Saturday morning (7am) or a Tuesday evening (7pm) - but can work with you to find a suitable date or time. Click below to view our upcoming course schedule.

Contact Us

If none of the upcoming courses work for you, or you want to discuss your particular needs, contact us and we will work something out to help you.

Upcoming Courses

We offer online courses at set days and times for anybody to join from any location (as long as you have a computer).


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